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Welcome to Rebel Rebel®. Manufactured and based in Vancouver, Canada. The drive behind our hand sanitizers is simple: it’s you! From the beginning and throughout every step our focus is to delight your senses and provide sanitizers you’d be excited to use.

We celebrate uniqueness and your journey in life; whether it’s the walk down the block to your corner grocer or to venture across the country because that’s where your livelihood or heart takes you. We want you to be safe and for you to do what you do! We are confident you’ll love Rebel Rebel® as much as we do and we’re excited to be a part of your journey.

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Our Story

What goes into our hand sanitizers? Quality ingredients, amazing contributors, contemporary design, fresh sensations, locally made… Keep going? To be honest… We're still super giddy at the incredible design by Gina Kiel and the amazing people at ProLab Health & Beauty that fine-tuned the perfect timeless formulation. The result, incredibly balanced oil-based fragrances that go on easy and take your senses on a journey.

Gina Kiel

Gina Kiel is an artist based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa (Wellington, New Zealand). She creates strong feminine images that exude sensuality and explore the human experience through ideas of life, death, spirituality and pop culture using flowing lines and forms and bold, minimal compositions with a psychedelic palette.

Gina can be found painting murals in Aotearoa and beyond, creating art commissions and illustrations at her home studio for awesome clients locally and internationally, exhibiting at group shows, tattooing part time and currently collaborating on projects with fellow Wellington based artists Xoe Hall and Miriama Grace-Smith aka The Dream Girls Collective.